In a world where we aren't going to the movie theater as often as we once did, it means we aren't getting the same opportunities to TALK ABOUT MOVIES with each other. 

Join our Film Club and we'll discuss a specific movie each month, along with a range of related cinematic subjects. |  On Tuesday, February 8, we'll be discussing Bong Joon-Ho's 'The Host.' 

This is a 2006 South Korean horror/action monster movie about a family trying to save their daughter from a horrible creature that emerges from the Han River.

Watch 'The Host' before our meeting and then join us via Zoom. We'll discuss this breakout hit from the director of 'Parasite,' as well as our favorite monster movies and "creature feature" tropes. 

Place a hold on a DVD or you can use your Ferndale Library card to set up an account with KANOPY and stream it instantly, for free! 

FADL will be joined by OU Cinema Studies Prof. Brendan Kredell for this conversation. 

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