Actors from the Ringwald Theatre will bring the show to YOU!  Join us here at the Ferndale Library on Sunday, March 26 for a free performance by way of a "play reading" (sans props, costumes, curtains, etc), featuring Bloom by Detroit-based playwright Andrew Morton. 

This event is perfect for adults (18+) who enjoy plays/the theatre but may not always have the time to get out on the town during the evening hours. It's also a great opportunity to meet the actors/production team from Ringwald Theatre. 

More about Andrew Morton's Bloom: Following the death of his father, 15-year-old Daniel and his mother, Lisa, are forced to move to the unfamiliar Flint, Michigan. After a violent outburst at his new school, Daniel's social worker, Michelle, suggests he spend a week working with her father, Bobby, an urban gardener of several abandoned lots in the middle of the city. A week soon turns into a few months, and as the two men spend the summer tending the gardens, they begin to plant some much-needed hope in a neighborhood plagued by blight and help each other heal some old wounds. 


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