This October, we invite kids of all ages (0-18) to write a letter to their favorite library puppet as a part of our Puppet Pen Pal program this October.

To participate: Pick a puppet from the list below and write a letter (the puppets love drawings too!) and drop it off at the special mailbox at the library’s youth desk between Oct 1-31. 

Truffles (Pig) Acorn (Squirrel) Clover (Small Rabbit) Beans (Lynx)
Waddles (Duck) Domino (Dog) Parsley (Large Rabbit) Captain (Trout)
Socks (Fox) Pepper (Mouse) Tumbleweed (Robin) Crusty (Snail)
Onyx (Cat) Chewy (Beaver) Doodle (Chicken)  

Keep an eye out for a special reply in your mail!

While you’re waiting for a response from our puppets, check out the books in the Kids Corner we have about the US Postal Service, mailing letters, and more!