Actors from the Ringwald Theatre will bring the show to YOU!  Join us here at the Ferndale Library on Sunday, August 13, for a free performance by way of a "play reading" (sans props, costumes, curtains, etc) featuring Lewiston by Samuel D. Hunter. For ages 18+.

Lewiston follows Alice, who sells fireworks by the side of the road with her roommate Connor in an area being taken over by developers of a new condo development. While Alice debates if she should sell her longtime home in exchange for a condo, Marnie, Alice's estranged granddaughter, arrives demanding the family home be saved for Marnie to purchase in order preserve the family history, one Marnie has not been a part of for some time. Alice and Marnie must now contend with a past that has yet to be engaged with and move forward into an untrodden and developing future as the land shifts around them.

Lewiston by Samuel D. HunterSamuel D. Hunter is a 2014 MacArthur Genius Grant recipient best known for his work on The Whale, which was produced by The Ringwald in 2015 (for which Joe Bailey won the Best Actor Wilde Award) and was recently adapted for film by Darren Aronofsky and starring Brenden Fraser (for which he won the Best Actor Oscar). He has also penned A Case for the Existence of God, A Bright New Boise, and The Few.


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