Join the Ferndale Library Film Club

We'll meet on Tuesday, December 6 at 7:00 pm to discuss Sarah Polley's documentary film:
STORIES WE TELL. - Click here to RSVP

This is a discussion session where we'll watch several clips from the film and share our thoughts--
but you'll have to watch the film BEFORE the meeting. You can place a hold on a library copy here, or find it on KANOPY.

Library staff and OU film profs will help lead the discussion, and everyone will get a chance to share their thoughts/analysis (but participation isn't mandatory--you can always attend to listen to the conversation). 

Sarah Polley's documentary Stories We Tell finds the director/actress exploring a family secret. She had discovered a few years earlier that her biological father was not actually the person she knew as her father; in an effort to fully understand this long-held family secret, Polley interviews every member of her family, and had the man she thought of as her dad write his version of events and record it, using him reading his story as a recurring voiceover throughout the film.