Picture Book Biographies
Thursday, February 16, 2023









Motorcycle QueenBessie the Motorcycle Queen by Charles Smith

The year is 1929 and Bessie Stringfield is on an adventure across the United States! Bessie explores the beauty of the world, and runs into some of its ugliness, as she travels to compete in races all over the country. There are more than a few times when Bessie has to make a quick exit because of the unwelcomeness of the Jim Crow era. Nevertheless, she persists and drives a new road for the sport of women’s motorcycle racing! This book speaks on topics of racism, sexism, bravery, and doing what you’re passionate about. 


Finding My DanceFinding My Dance by Ria Thundercloud

 When Ria Thundercloud was four years old, she participated in her first powwow, wearing the special jingle dress her mother made for her. As she grew up, Ria loved dancing so much that she learned more styles of dance, but always loved indigenous dancing best. Follow Ria’s journey as she moves to make her dream as a professional dancer come true; becoming the first Native dancer to star as a prima ballerina in a ballet. 


Tower of LifeThe Tower of Life by Chana Stiefel 

Yaffa Eliach’s story begins when she is a young girl and is introduced to a camera for the first time. Yaffa’s grandmother takes photos of everyone in the town! Things soon take a turn however, when World War II arrives and invades Yaffa’s community. Yaffa survives the war and becomes a Professor of History and America's foremost Holocaust expert. At the invitation of President Jimmy Carter, she decides to travel around the world collecting pictures taken of people who fled from her beloved town. Yaffa uses their photographs along with their stories and memories to create a permanent exhibit at The National Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, and her story is sure to inspire and inform young readers. 


Greatest Song of AllThe Greatest Song of All by Megan Hoyt

Have you ever had a dream? Isaac Stern had a dream to play his violin on the famous Carnegie Hall stage. Why? Carnegie Hall was known for talented artists performing there; no matter their skin color or religion. So when a real estate bigwig gets ready to demolish Carnegie Hall, Isaac knew something had to be done to save decades of dreams, history, and inclusivity.