Wordless Picture Books
Tuesday, August 30, 2022 Librarian Julia









“Wallpaper” by Thao Lam
Bright paper collage imagery tells the story of a young girl whose family has recently moved into a new home. Too shy to play with the kids she can hear outside, the girl peels back the wallpaper to reveal an imaginary adventure that exists inside her walls. A fantastical story that lends readers the courage to create new friendships. 




“Flashlight” by Lizi Boyd
A visual exploration of the nocturnal world made possible by the use of a handy flashlight. Creatively placed cut-outs on the pages help readers feel like they’re exploring the environment alongside the protagonist, a young boy with a flashlight. Animals, insects, and plants wait to be discovered in the dark. An excellent story to alleviate fear of dark spaces, and encourage a sense of wonder. 


“Aquarium” by Cynthia Alonso
A lovely story that focuses on an unexpected friendship between a young girl and a curious red fish. The story is moved along by beautiful illustrations using a muted color palette of blues and light pinks that only enhance the bright red of the fish. As time progresses, the young girl realizes that her ever-growing makeshift aquarium made of plastic water bottles, glass bowls, hoses, and even an inflatable pool might not be home enough for her new fish friend. Delve into this story, and be ready to discuss the sometimes necessary but powerful experience of letting go. 


“Field Trip to Volcano Island” by John Hare
A class takes an adventurous field trip to Volcano Island, but is there more on the Island than the students may have realized? Follow a young student as he ventures to the bottom of a deep, lava-filled crater. Spoiler: there may be lava monsters on the Island too! This book is packed with fun visual details, an engaging plot, and social-emotional learning opportunities. If your little one enjoys this book, try out other Field Trips created by John Hare as well.